Pool Chemicals – No More Chlorine!


Learn how using a bio-sanitizer works! No need to add gallons of bleach to your pool anymore! This is safe, automated, and easy to maintain pool water,. No more chlorine smell, dry skin, or damaged hair!
Video link: https://youtu.be/dCKtSruwWlM

Product Details:
* System Cost: $1297.00
* Replacement Bars: $150.00 ( last 1-2 years)
* Requires only one 3″ Chlorine Puck every 7-10 days during summer
* Requires only one 3″ Chlorine Puck every 6 weeks during Winter
* Test water as normal for PH, Chlorine, etc.
* Test water copper levels every 1-2 weeks

I have had great results with our bio-sanitizer, also known as an ionizer. I have a 20,000 gallon pool under a screened lani, and I do NOT add chlorine to my pool. The only requirement is one chlorine puck every 7-10 days. These are my results- yours may vary.

Pool Chemicals

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