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Nvidia Shield Custom Media Server – TV Launcher Review!

Nvidia Shield – TV Launcher Review.  This video explains the TV Launcher App that is running on this shield, how to add, edit, delete, and use the various functions. NOTE: This Shield has been flashed and is running Android 6.0 , the Nvidia Shield GUI has been removed to produce a clean, simple, interface for… Read more »

Nvidia Shield – Twitter TV App

Nvidia Shield – Twitter TV App.  Learn how to install the Twitter for Android TV app! Keywords: Twitter Android Twitter TV Nvidea Shield Please follow and like us:

Samsung 65″ 4K LED SUHD Unboxing (UN65KS8000F)

Samsung UN65KS8000F Unboxing-Unboxing, initial set up, and brief review of the Samsung 65″ 4K LED SUHD TV. (UN65KS8000F) OTA Antenna pulling 58 channels! Samsung UN65KS8000F: Product Link:  (Affiliate) Keywords: Samsung TV LED TV 4K 4K LED UN65KS8000F 65″ TV Unboxing OTA Antenna Please follow and like us:

Installation of Cement Landscape Edging/Curbing

Installation of cement landscape edging/curbing.  This video shows the process of creating an awesome concrete landscape curb. All the steps are shown including the finished results! Keywords: Cement Curb Landscape Curb Little Bubba (curb machine) Concrete landscape curb Cement Border   Please follow and like us:

LED Landscape Lighting Tips – see the results!

Landscape Lighting Tips with completed project results – Helpful tips on installing a LED landscape lighting system. Keywords: Landscape Lighting LED Lighting Outdoor Lights Light Transformer Transformer Malibu Lights Please follow and like us:

Wii HDMI Adapter – Testing and Review

A test and review on the Wii adapter that allows you to connect your Wii to an HDMI port on your TV. BEWARE – claims are wrong – proven here! Wii – HDMI Adapter: (Affiliate Link) Please follow and like us:

Rii i8 Hack – Set It Up Right!

Learn how to set up the Rii Mini i8+ properly! Rii i8 : Keywords: Rii Rii Mini Rii Mini i8+ Please follow and like us:

Nvidia Shield WiFi Speed Test – how to!

Nvidia Shield WiFi Speed Testing – How to test your speed Learn how to check your connectivity and ensure you have the proper bandwidth to operate your Shield! Keywords: Nvidia Shield WiFI Speed Test Ookla Please follow and like us:

How to make a SELF FILLING Water Fountain

Learn hot easy it is to create a SELF FILLING water fountain! Project cost: $150 Please follow and like us: