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How to UPGRADE RAM in the 2019 5K iMac & save ~$425

Learn how to add your own memory to your iMac and save a lot of money. The example shown in the video was based on purchasing a new iMac and adding 32GB of memory versus buying it pre-installed. OWC Brand 32GB Memory:     Please follow and like us:

Rii i8 Hack – Set It Up Right!

Learn how to set up the Rii Mini i8+ properly! Rii i8 : Keywords: Rii Rii Mini Rii Mini i8+ Please follow and like us:

Nvidia Shield WiFi Speed Test – how to!

Nvidia Shield WiFi Speed Testing – How to test your speed Learn how to check your connectivity and ensure you have the proper bandwidth to operate your Shield! Keywords: Nvidia Shield WiFI Speed Test Ookla Please follow and like us:

How to make a SELF FILLING Water Fountain

Learn hot easy it is to create a SELF FILLING water fountain! Project cost: $150 Please follow and like us:

Samsung 65″ 4K LED SUHD DETAILED Review (UN65KS8000FXZA)

A detailed review of the Samsung 65″ 4K LED UN65KS8000FXZA Product Link: ¬†(Affiliate) Please follow and like us:

Kodi 17 Krypton – How to Install – Nvidia Shield

Learn how to install Kodi 17 Krypton on the Nvidia Shield ! Please follow and like us:

Web Hosting Reviews – How to pick the one for your needs

A quick review of three hosting providers Рwho REALLY offers the best deal?  BEWARE! A review of A2Hosting, Bluehost, Godaddy. Please follow and like us:

Play Store Alternative – Get the APK you need!

Learn about an alternative to the Play Store! Search and download APKS not available on the Play Store, legacy versions, and more. Keywords: Play Store Alternatives Legacy APK Download APP Please follow and like us:

Pool Chemicals – No More Chlorine!

Learn how using a bio-sanitizer works! No need to add gallons of bleach to your pool anymore! This is safe, automated, and easy to maintain pool water,. No more chlorine smell, dry skin, or damaged hair! Video link: Product Details: * System Cost: $1297.00 * Replacement Bars: $150.00 ( last 1-2 years) * Requires… Read more »