Rustic Chandelier

Finished Product

This cute little chandelier was fun to make and super simple!

Material needed…

1 – 36 inch 1×4 pine (or any wood of your desire)
A powerful drill, preferable an electric one, it has more torque
1 – hole saw to fit under the last lip of your jar
A tape measure
A pencil
A small can of stain
A can of polyurethane (optional)
Rope (any rope of your choice) I used twine.
2 hooks – your the boss of how you chose to hang it
4 – beads (you can also make large knots in your rope, no beads required)

We bought a piece of 1×4 white pine about 36 inches long.
We cut it to the size of our liking …
(one that would fit our mason jars).

Hole Saw
be cautious as to what size hole saw you buy. We tried three times to get it right.
One was too big, one was too small – this last one was great.
Rustic Chandelier
measure your board and find the center – make sure you cut your center one first,
then the end jars will be easier to place. Live and learn.

Rustic Chandelier Rustic Chandelier

Measure your holes equally apart for your desired hanging material. I used twine/jute.
I made a cardboard template so all my holes would be equal because I was making several chandeliers.
My fish clamps were a great help : )

holes for hanging string

I made 4 – so the first one was made the best so I could use it as a template.
I also used a sponge sander to get off the rough edges.

Staining the pieces

I stained them ebony and sprayed them with a polyurethane.

Finished Product

Be creative and add anything you like. You can add sand and use real tea candles,
use a nylon rope, or even a neat chain. The next one I make will be with stainless steel chain.
I think that would look cool as well.


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