Organic or Non-GMO

I have often wondered if organic or non-GMO is the best. I never really thought about looking up the total difference,
while doing some research this is one of the sites I came across. I was a bit disappointed with “Silk Soy Milk
Jump over and see what they reported.

It is harder every day to find healthy products at an affordable price.  Read the labels carefully and if the list is long and you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, run away!  If you take the time to think about it, why would we want to eat stuff that is nothing but a chemical to allow the food to sit on a shelf without spoiling?  We don’t put water in our cars gas tank and expect it to run well, how can our bodies run well when we give it processed food and chemicals instead of the nutrients it requires?  Non-GMO just adds another iron in the fire – now the food is changed to something not intended for us.  God gave us everything we need on this earth, if man will leave it alone and stay organic we would do much better.
Stay healthy…read the labels!


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