Maybe Tomorrow

How many times have any of us told a friend, loved one, and particularly our children,”maybe tomorrow”. Life seems to be getting busier, and the days shorter, jobs more demanding, and the “always connected” way is just a must! or is it? It is easy to forget that our busy schedules are ours to control and it’s OK not to try to do everything for everybody. While we all must keep our employers happy by meeting deadlines, close projects, etc. we still control our own personal lives.

Phones, laptops, TV, and tablets all have an “off” button, and it’s up to us to discipline ourselves to use them! We can’t get back yesterday, our children only have so many games, recitals, plays, birthdays, and so forth. I look back and see that I had opportunity to do better and this article is aimed to make a point and “save” someone from not taking time to STOP and enjoy the present, prioritize, and live life more full and for purpose.

Depending on your beliefs and what you have allowed your life to be controlled by (media, peer pressure, etc.) you may need an adjustment in priorities.  You will find the ultimate balance by following these priorities.

1. God – always first, without his guidance we are lost
2. Spouse – the second most important person in your world (see #1 above)
3. Family – the gift of family comes from God and he is number 1

Nowhere did I mention the cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform!  I am not against those things but prioritizing may require us to look at how we spend our time, or waste our time.  People don’t talk anymore they txt, or share what they had for dinner on social media, etc.  People seek acceptance by others, even strangers, to make them feel “complete”, if they get enough likes, shares, or followers…then they MUST be a good person, right?

Take a look at your life and where you spend most of your time and money and you will see what your priority is.  If you are not following the priorities listed above, in the order listed, you are missing out on a purposeful fully blessed life.  Maybe you will take time to consider making a change, avoiding regrets later in life, and you will look into making changes.

When will you make changes and put your life “in order”…….maybe tomorrow?


Just a couple of God loving people who desire to share their DIY experience in Tech, Home Decor and Improvements, Health, Cooking, Inspiration, and more!

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