Just One Good Deed

good deed

What if everyone performed just one good deed for one person every day?

What would the day be like if everyone did just one good deed for someone, how could it change their day?  A simple opening a door for a stranger that has their hands full, a sincere compliment, etc.  We are here to make a difference, for a purpose filled life, not just working to exist but existing to matter, to make a difference in this world.  Good deeds don’t even need to cost a thing, but it Good Deedhas to be heart felt, and unselfish, something this world doesn’t exactly promote (watch the commercials and media for proof on this).

We are programmed to buy everything to “keep up” with society, get a new phone before the current one is really necessary to replace, the better car, clothes, etc.  Ask yourself a question though, does it make you happier to have all these things or is there still a missing purpose for your life?  To find true fulfillment and satisfaction try looking inwards instead of outwards, and you may just be surprised what is trying to come out!

Today (and every day) I challenge you to make a change, take a new step, make a difference, not just in someone else’s life but for yours. Remember…just one good deed.


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