Topic: DIY

Do Pool Covers Really Work?

In an effort to start the swimming season early  and make the season last longer people try many things to heat the pool water! There are many confusing options such as:  “solar hoops” , “liquid blanket”, roof mount systems, and of course maybe the simplest, a whole pool solar cover. Let’s compare just the few… Read more »

Adding Space To Your Closet

I have wanted a wonderful walk-in closet for most of my adult life. My current closet is a walk-in … but I have to say it’s far from wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, its better than most and I am very thankful for all that I have. I decided to come up with a way… Read more »

Rustic Chandelier

Finished Product

This cute little chandelier was fun to make and super simple! Material needed… 1 – 36 inch 1×4 pine (or any wood of your desire) A powerful drill, preferable an electric one, it has more torque 1 – hole saw to fit under the last lip of your jar A tape measure A pencil A… Read more »