Adding Space To Your Closet

I have wanted a wonderful walk-in closet for most of my adult life. My current closet is a walk-in … but I have to say it’s far from wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, its better than most and I am very thankful for all that I have.

I decided to come up with a way to add a little more storage. The only way I could see adding storage is from the ceiling since I did not have to do any moving of walls or reconfigure shelving. I do not know whom came up with the design of adding a window in a closet to me it is super stupid and a GRAND waste of storage area.

So I had to come up with some sort of fix to this window area which was serving no purpose at all.  I kept thinking how can I utilize this space with little cost. I do however have curtains in there to make it feel more cozy … really a cozy closet? lol!   So here is what I came up with. Forgive me for not taking photos while the install was taking place.

We bought a wooden closet pole (standard closet pole found in the molding section @ Lowes) and attached a picture hook that is used to add wire to the back of a large picture. Then we hung an S hook on that and attached the white coated wire also bought at Lowes.

I bought these wonderful storage bins at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought this would fit the desired storage needs. This is the final project. I still have an extra bin to place in the middle as my hubby cut the closet pole as long as he could to suit all my our needs. Thx hubby xoxo!


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