About Us

Eddie is a hands on homeowner and technical minded person.  With projects ranging from painting, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, pool care, computer connectivity, Wi-Fi, TV Antenna installation, and hardware/software builds. Web HostingFor us doing things ourselves is the “only way” to get it done RIGHT.  Most of the enjoyment of a job well done is knowing what hard work, decisions, and effort went into it.

The days of finding truly skilled, caring, and available craftsman are all but gone.  We have had custom cabinets made, tile floor layed, and other renovation jobs, and all fell short of what we could do on our own. I have to admit, I am particular and feel that if your going to do the job you do it 100%, no short cuts. If for example you have a 6 foot wall and your doing floor moulding you use a 6 foot piece of moulding, no seams by using two smaller pieces or scraps.  This website is all about sharing what we know, how we learned (many times the hard way), and hope that is helpful to others going through similar matters.

bed makingLyn is a talented designer, inspired gluten free, dairy free recipe creator, and enjoys crafting skills ranging from painting, sewing, knitting, furniture re upholstery, and about anything else she can imagine…she makes it happen.
Learn how to cook and eat healthy foods that are easy to make, and crafty ideas that are fun and explained for all to understand.
You will also see the occasional review of products that we buy for our own use.  Expect to hear/see the truth, good or bad, we will share so you can decide if the item is right for you (or whether you should run from it!) Enjoy, share, and feel free to ask questions and/or share comments..the more we share the better this world can become.

God Bless